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S.H.I.P. has developed a number of partnerships with local and national organisations. These partnerships are crucial in enabling us support our young people and their families. 

In addition to general fund raising activities, S.H.I.P. has established long-standing relationships with a range of funding providers. Our funding partners provide critical support to S.H.I.P. and we are grateful to them for this.  

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Funding for Parents


There is funding out there that Parents/Carers can apply for that might make life a little easier.

We have put together a document with various funders and government funds that are out there to help families. 

Family Fund - This link is for a new scheme in Scotland to help families enjoy football. 

Take a break - Take a Break is Scotland’s short breaks Scheme to support the carers of disabled children, young people and their families.  It is a fund that help with the cost of short breaks away or to help pay for group/clubs to allow carers a break.

S.H.I.P are delighted to be supported by the following funders:-

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Better Breaks


Better Breaks is a funding programme to improve the provision of, and access to, quality short breaks for disabled children and their families, especially where children and young people have multiple support needs. Funded by the Scottish Government and divided into two grant making programmes – one administered by Shared Care Scotland and the other by the Family Fund.

Better Breaks provides grants to organisations supporting families who care for a disabled child.


The purpose of Better Breaks is to develop responsive and creative short break opportunities for disabled children and young people, and their families.

Particularly, for disabled children and young people with additional multiple support needs. Where the aim is to integrate disabled children better with mainstream community services, and opportunities.

We are proud to have been awarded grants by Better Breaks since 2015.


Perth and Kinross Council


S.H.I.P. and PKC have worked in partnership since the formation of the council in 1996. Perth and Kinross Council not only provide S.H.I.P. with valuable financial support they also provide access to facilities and other assets enabling us to provide support to children with ASN and their families throughout the area. Our partnership ensures that children and young people with ASN and their families, have access to community facilities and resources which improve their lives.

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The Gannochy Trust


SHIP are delighted to announce we have been awarded a grant from The Gannochy Trust.  We would like to thank them for supporting all the children, young people and their families that use SHIP.

Here is a little information about the trust:

The Gannochy Trust was founded in 1937 by Arthur Kinmond Bell, known as A K Bell, for charitable and public purposes for the benefit of the Community of Perth and its immediate environs as a direct result of his family’s successful whisky distilling business.

A K Bell’s philanthropy has been developed into one of the more substantial grant-making trusts in Scotland. Originally, the Trust contributed to worthy charitable causes solely within Perth and its immediate environs. In 1967 a Scheme of Alterations was approved by the Court of Session to expand its grant-making footprint to the whole of Scotland, but with a preference for Perth and its environs. The Trust has made significant contributions to a wide variety of projects across Scotland over many years, ranging from major national flagship projects to smaller, but nonetheless important, community projects.

If you would like to know more information about The Gannochy Trust please follow this link:


Robertson Trust


The Robertson Trust is currently the largest independent trust in Scotland and has a vision to improve the quality of life and realise the potential of people and communities in Scotland – inspired by the example of its founders, the Robertson Sisters. Founded in 1961 the Trust's overall objective is "to improve the quality of life and realise the potential of people and communities in Scotland”. S.H.I.P. has been supported by the Trust since 2016.

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National Lottery funding

The National Lottery raises money for good causes.

People use this funding to do extraordinary things, taking the lead to improve their lives and communities. Every time you buy a National Lottery ticket, you help make this happen.

Communities come in all shapes and sizes, and National Lottery funding is there for everyone.

There are 12 distributors of money raised by the players of The National Lottery, which fund projects and activities that transform communities, protect our heritage, and enrich lives through arts, sports and culture.

S.H.I.P are delighted to be supported by the National Lottery.

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