I really enjoy volunteering at S.H.I.P. and find it rewarding when I see how much of a difference it can make to a child's life. It has also helped me gain my Duke of Edinburgh Award and I am working towards my Saltire Award.

Taylor Jan, 2017

I like seeing the kids enjoying themselves.

Jodie Jan, 2017

Volunteering makes me feel good and happy about myself.

Neve Jan, 2017

It's fun to volunteer and it has helped me build my confidence.

Laura Jan, 2017

Being a volunteer is amazing because I've learned things that I didn't know about myself and pushed myself to the limit I thought I couldn't. Also I like working with children.

David Jan, 2017

My time as a volunteer with SHIP has allowed me to gain valuable skills which have enhanced both my education and career. Volunteering with SHIP has been a fun and rewarding experience which I would recommend for anyone with an interest in working with children.

Heather Jan, 2017